New York Fashion Week and more fashion (week 38 / 41)

In my previus blog I ended with the note that I was working on the fashionshow in Rotterdam (Salone Della Moda and the New York fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week).

Lets start with Salone Della Moda!
I was on the hairstyling team for two days of this three day- event.
The thirth and last day I did not participate because I had to do some last packing, checking if I had all the designs, because on Sunday the 13ht, I had to leave to New York for the NYFW SS2016.

It was a very busy but good (for me) two day event!
In the days before I got all the make-up and hairstyling wishes from the designers. This time I just had to focus on hairstyling and it was really fun to do.
I had contact with one of the designers  Ece Ozalp about the haistyle she wanted for the models. She wanted all the models to have pink hair.
With a spray this is, nowadays, not a big problem, but the models had to walk the show right afther that to …than you have a problem!
Plus she wanted all the models in a pink bob hairstyl!
I had to check, with her, if she already had some wigs or that we  had to buy them for her. Because two days for the show she was not in the Netherlands. Luckily  she had all the wigs and we only had to put them on the models.

Salone Della Moda SS2016 Rotterdam

The team that I worked with was TOP!
I spoke with Coby van Tol, before the show, and there was a good connection right from the very  first phone call we had. The rest of the team (Dusty Kuylaars, Tanischa Maayen en Yassin Messoudi) was really fun to work with and was very  experienced.
Even tough you have a bunch of models to style and there is very often not a whole lot of time, usually,our hairstyling team was very relaxed and we had a great time!
It is so relaxing when you can work with a good team that can compliment each other. Petty  that I could not work with them the last day, but I had some really nice things coming up for me. NYC!

In the link a behind the scenes  Impression Salone della Moda

Fahion Show Salone Della Moda 2015 , Rottedam      Fashion Showw Salone Della Moda 2015 , Rotterdam
Photographer Xander Barenski


On Sunday ( September 13th) I was leaving for NYC……
Two suitcases packed with desigsn and little room left for my personal stuff. It was (only) for a few days , but I think I have never traveld with such a small amout of personal clothing and other stuff that you normally bring on a domestic flight!
My plane had a a one- hour delay, so with the two hours you are required to arrive before the flight, I started with a long wait.

The flight was smooth…Almost no turbulence and the food was really good.
It was not my first trip to the US( I lived there from 1984 – 1986 in North Carolina & in Virginia from  1994 until 1998 in Virginia, it felt a bit like comming home again!
It was my  firts time at JFK and going through customs was a piece of cake this time. Afther the twin towers security has doubled. I had my ESTA  conformation and no ilegale stuff with me  😉 and I was  pretty  quick of the plain. That really makes a big difference.
When it was almost my turn at the to see the costums officer , I looked back, and  the line was pretty  long ….!

Before I left the Netherlands, I had booked a (shared) shuttle to the location that I was staying.
Carolina Riffi Ollite Hopeman (Carat23) , model Medlon dos Santos and me shared a appartment in NYC. It was not very big, but big enough to sleep.
Most of the day we where not there and for breakfast you go out to, so  why a bigger place. Plus NYC is really not cheap!
A few minute walk from the appartment we found a really nice place where we had breakfast/ brunch .
The DTUT Bar/ Restaurant.
We really had to find a place that had a working WiFi connection, cause where we slept (the first day )it was not really working the way it should on Carolinas laptop.  This place looked really nice and quite cozy, and it was!

DTUT Restaurant, 1744 2nd Ave New York, NY 10128 New York DTUT Restaurant, 1744 2nd Ave New York, NY 10128 New York DTUT Restaurant, 1744 2nd Ave New York, NY 10128 New York


The next day (Monday the 14th) we had to select models and do the 1st fitting. Carolina, and I,  were sitting behind a tabel, with some other designers, and  huge amound of models did a brief walk and if you had interst in a model they would give you their information card with their picture on it..
Afther – think-15 or 20 minutes, I heard that the 1st fitting had to take place at the same time as choosing your models….!
So I left Carolina at the table, wished her luck to find the right models for us, and went to the room next door. There were, already, models waiting for a fitting…..

We had now knowlegde that we had to bring our own clothes hangers, so I had to work from the suitcases.
In the beginning I had some kind of order in it, but afther 15 or 20 minutes it was getting very confusing. More and more models kept comming in for this fitting and I lost track……
From that point on I gave the model, one by one, a design took a picture if it would fit an took a picture, with theire official picture card, that they had brought with them.
I told them that they would her from us, or the organisation, if he or she was the model we choose to walk on the catwalk for House of Byfield.
We had a total of three hours to see all the models and do the 1st fitting.

When I did a picture count ( a few days later) I realized that I did  a fitting on approximately 40 models…… I could not believe it! I knew it was a lot, but  40….. no I really had no clue.
Carolina told to me, later,  that she had the feeling that she did see over 200 models.

Afther te fitting the two Dutch models Medlon dos Santos and Ras Camaro went to some modeling acencies and Carolina and I went to Starbucks to try and figure out wich models we wanted te use on the catwalk.
A little before 10 pm one of the  employees came to us and said thet they would close in 10 minutes. We looked at each other and had no clue that is was that late…
We went back to the appartment and it was afther midnight  when Carolina send the final list to the organisation.

The show was the next day , September 15. We knew it was going to be a long day, so we took our time to get ready and had a relaxed brunch.
We where  lucky that we could leave all the designs at the High Line Hotel  in NYC.
It is not easy to travel with two heavy suitcases in the NYC metro.
It works, but when you have  to swich from one metro line to an other with two havy suitcases…….. Once you figured out how the metro system works, it is the cheapest  way to get around NYC, so that is what we did.
We where luky that Medlon had a metro map on his celphone and he lead us safely through this maze!

When we arrived, and we could start the fitting for the show….but  had to do it al over again!
This time with only 20 modesl and with the four of us to do styling it worked out fine !
Models Medlon and Ras did their fair share in helping us out. Behind the scenes of a fashion show it is very hectic  and you wonder if you get everything done in time, but we did!

Below a youtube link and ….several pictures from the show.
House of Byfield New York Fashion Show 2015 SS2016

House of Byfield New York Fashion Show 2015 SS2016   House of Byfield New York Fashion Week 2015 SS2016
   House of Byfield Nwe York fashion Week 2015 SS2016House of Byfield New York fashion Week 2015 SS2016
House of Byfield New York Fashion Show 2015 SS2016
House of Byfield New York Fashion Show 2015 SS2016
House of Byfield New York Fashion Show 2015 SS2016

Press release in: Where we stand magazine

I got back, with a night flight from NYC, on Thurday the 17th of September. While I was waiting for my suitecase I got a phone call from a photographer if I was avalible for a photo shoot that afthernoon.
I had landed at 10.50 in the morning and the shoot was at 1.30 pm. I told him that I just got back from NYC, was waiting for my luggage, if it was possible to make that 2 pm! He understoot and at 2 pm I was doing hair and make-up on a photoshoot in Utrecht.
Around 4 pm, I have to admit, that my eyelids got a little havy when I had to wait a few minutes before I had to change the hairstyle of the model.
That evening I went to bed really early 🙂

For the next few weeks I had a few photoshoots and two of my eyelash extentions clients stoped by for a refill.
Than there is the never ending, and regular, paperwork to do for the tax administration. Checking mail and posting Tweets on my Twitte  @stroyckens account

I think  you are all up to date again.
I’m not promising that there will be a next week blog. Unfortunally I do notice that is is not working out anymore.
It takes quite some time to write these blogs.
I always want to add pictures and links for you and that ads more time to write the blogs. But if I leave those out , I don’t  like my blog. So ultimately that is why I don’t mind taking some extra time.

As I indicated earlyer, most of the time I do know the words I want to use, but not alway the exact spelling…
I’m so glad they have Google translate and….. I that I have my daugher who is a Dutch English tarnslator  Bureau “t hart.

bureau 't Hart Middelburg. Translations & more

She (secretly) helps me out a little to, when she has time and when Google translate simply does not suffice 🙂

Until my next blog!

Carla Stroijckens makeup4u