Bruidje en een V.I.P. (week 33 / 36)

I really had a wonderfull make-up assigment this week. Assigments like this are a bit like the icing on the cake!

I was asked by an artist agency  (BlueLuna) to go to Valkenswaard ( the Netherlands) to do hair and make-up for Amira Willighagen.
Amira is a sweet  11 year old girl that , in 2013, won the Voice of Holland.
For all my non-Dutch followers, or people who did not watch “The Voice”, Amira doesn’t sing pop , or anything els you might expect for somebody her age, but classical music.

Below the  youtube video, from her performance at this show.

11838611_865401653540756_2261985920303356349_o   11905440_866458796768375_1028437110782194654_o

Week 34

This week I had a photoshoot with photographer Roelof Pot (the Netherlands).
Because these shoots are  for a businesses I never take behind the scenes pictures, but it is always really nice to do. This week, I also, had  two lady’s, who stopped by,  as they were due for their lash extention rifill.

A lot of my time, this week,  is spent on different New York fashion Week preparations  for Carmichael Byfield (House of Byfield) his show. This is on September the 15th in NYC!
There is so much to do and to prepare, and I’m not talking about all the designs! Thats Carmichale’s departmend and what he is really good at. But  in the time leading up to the show, specifically those last few weeks, there is always a lot of work to be done!

This time House of Byfield is bagging up with Carat23.
Carat23 is all about luxury bags, both for men and woman, and accessories,
Carolina Riffi Ollite-Hopman and I are working together, closly,  to turn this in a fantastic great show. Fortunately we also have a lot of fun together, wich is also really important!
Reall,  there are days that we constanly call. Sometimes, tree or for times in one day , to talk all sorts of things over !!

In just one week, Sunday the 13th, I leave for the BIG APPLE.

My bags will be packed with great designs of House of Byfield and Carolina’s full with her lovely ladies and men’s bags!
Naturally I have to bring some make-up as well, because the day afther the show we have a photohoot scheduled , in NY, of coures.
All the wonderful designs, that were shown ont the catwalk,will look great in publication, especially when set in ‘real’ New York scenery. So as soon as those publications are out I will be sure to share them her as well.

Unfortunately I simply can’t bring all my make-up! I usually carry around a lot, because I like to be prepared for everything.
But because I decided, with Carmichael, what the hair and make-up style will be, I know what I need and will only  bring the make-up that I really need for that shoot.

I’m really looking forward to this trip!
No time for sight seeing, just hard work, but this is the kind of work that I really don’t mind to go for that extra mile  🙂

If I have some time, I’ll post some pictures straight from NYC on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. As soon as I get back there will be more, I promise. These won’t be from the official photo shoot, of course, for those you all will need to wait a little longer.

On Friday the 29th of Septemeber I went over to Nuland ( the Netherlands) do take care of hair and make-up of a bride, one of her sisters and her mother.
It is quite a fair amount of work to help a bride and her entourage  to get ready, but it is so rewarding. When they are all looking theire best and radiate  from happiness , I know I did a good job!

11895268_10204196286101497_2164361443497195361_o                     11953285_10207838922757309_6692317881594549386_n
11902462_10207829308596961_6678802934309594344_n          11850654_10204194233170175_4312300187181956440_o

Week 36

This week I had a shoot with photographer Roelof Pot in The Hague. Again at a business office, so no pictures from that, but a nice view from out of the window with some really dark rain clouds!

11937042_10204217850440592_8364195004450639052_o   11902884_10204217873041157_8266601703569609433_o

On Wednesday the, 3th,  I got a phone call from the , front desk , from the  Charles the V Hotlel in Utrecht (the Netherlands) They wanted to know if I was available the next morning at 10 am.
They had a guest, who was in need of a make-up artist for a wedding on the 4th of September. Since I only had an appointment, to get my own hair cut, I told them. “Sure, no  problem”and simply rescheduled my hair appiontment! You  have to be fexilble with your own business….

When I got there the gast in question, had not arrived yet, but were on their way. It turned out that it was theire son who was getting married and that she and her husband  came from the Maastricht area. This is a, approximately two hour drive from Utrecht, where the wedding would take place.

Before they left home she had been to her own hairdesser to have her hair done, but a make-up artist, in her area, was not available for her that morning, Wich is why the hotel employee called me.
When I left I gave the front desk one of my business cards, you never now!  But she told me that my name and phone numer was aready entered into their system.
So funny how you will get your costumers sometimes!

The rest of the day I was really busy with preparations  for another  fashion show that I will work for.
This is in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and is called  Salone Dell Moda. I’ve been prometed to Chef de Cabine for the hairstyling during this three-day event.

More about this in my next blog.

Hope to see you next time!