Een nieuwe jaar met nieuwe en leuke kansen( January 2016)

We are almost at the end of the 1st month of 2016, so time for a new blog!

My last blog ended halfway December 2015, so let’s pick up where I left of before I move on to 2016.
My last bride , this year.  She had planned her wedding in the late PM hours.
Very often they have to be ready around 7.00 or 7.30 in the morning, so this was really relaxed.
When de bride was ready, I did the make-up for her teenage daughter . When the apointment was made she was not sure if she wanted to have her make-up done by some one else, she didn’t really know. But afther she had seen how her  moms make-up was done and turned out, she was confident enough to have it done by me.
They both looked stunning, so the wedding could start. I’m sure they had a beauitiful day!


Photo shoot and video recording.

December the 20th was my last photoshoot for 2015 and it was for House of Byfield.
A few days before the shoot I was contacted for a interwview & video recording about my profession as a make-up artist.

The recordings are  for Highschool studends to give them a good impression, and a  more  insight, in a number ( they had to do approximately 60) ocupations  and one of them was mine.

Normally I like to work and stay behind , any kind of camera, but I liked the tought of helping kids to give them some insight in my line of work.
The shoot on  December the 20th was already planned, so we could use that photoshoot for the interview and video recordings. Two for the price of one..

While I was working on the make-up for the two models for that day, Roger Grootfaam & Cindy Koopmans, they made several recordings from me.
When the models were ready, with hair and make-up, I was avalible to, to help out photographer Hans Bolten with the photoshoot.
I had made a moodboard with some ideas that we could work out. You are not making a exact copy of that moodboard, but it is always very handy to have one.
The rest of the recordings were taped during the photoshoot and I’m sure it wil give kids a good impression what the work of a make-up  artist is or can be.
Not every make-up artist will do exactly the same what I do, but  it is really nice to have a look behind the scenes (or a sneak peek in the kitchen) of any kind of profession.

They didn’t stay until the very end of the shoot, was not really neccesary. The rest of the team could take a little break, and have lunch. The lady from the video team interviewd me and asked me several questions about my work, and during this they made recordings to.
Afther they left we went on with the shoot and took some really nice pictures for, yet, an other publication for House of Byfield

Below the link with the final results of the interview.

interview recording

I’m very pleased with the results. I’m, hardly ever ,satisfied with my own pictures. I have to say, they did a really nice job with this!
I’ve looked at the recordings a few times now, but it is still weard to look at my self! LOL


January 2016

January 10th was my first shoot of this year.
This time we were in Grand Cafe Engels in Rotterdam. They where so kind to let us use some of theire space on the first floor.
We are really very thankfull, for their cooparation!

It was a big team this time. The only two persons missing in this picture is Carolina Riffi Ollite- Hopman ( Carate23 bags) she had to leave early, and me.
I took the picture, and still don’t, really, like to be in pictures.
So visualise the both of us in this picture  😉

fotoshoot 10 jan. 2016 Grand Cafe Engels, Rotterdam
Like, usual, not much to show… This is the only picture I can show right now, but as soon as the is publicatio is out  I will post it in one of my blogs.


Weekend of 16 & 17 januari

This was a very busy, but a very good and fun weekend!
Satuday morning I had to be on location at 8.00 am for a photoshoot for Barts maatpakken. The shoot was for his men designs and the pictures will be used for his webside and other promotional purposes.
The location was beautiful, see this link for a smal impression Landgoed Anckerwaerdt (the Netherlands)
I took one picture from the outside of the location and a few behind the scenes pictures…
When there are several models, I don’t have time to take any pictures my self. Plus they don’t pay me for taking pics, that’s the job of the photographer… And he will do this WAY better that I do !

achter de schermen fotoshoot Barts maatpakken Vianen                Landgoed Anckerwaerdt Beusichemsedijk 17, Culemborg                   achter de schermen fotoshoot Barts maatpakken, Vianen

Landgoed Anckerwaerdt Beusichemsedijk 17, Culemborg                Landgoed Anckerwaerdt Beusichemsedijk 17, Culemborg

Barst maatpakken fotoshoot shoot 2016

It was a wrap at 13.00 and afther cleaning the make-up sponges I was ready to drive to the 2nd location for that day.


Photoshoot for coiffure award 2016

This was the 2nd time I was invited by Nicole (Salon 23 , Klazinaveen, Netherlands) to help her with make-up for this competition.

It is always so much fun to work with a really good and proffecional team and it is so rewarding to see the end results……
Results that I can’t show right know, What is new…..
But I’m not allowed to show you anything. Really nothing at all.
Nicole might risk beeing disqualified  if they find any pictures (even just one with of the models on it) online…So, no risks here and we just have to wait !

We had two days of hairstyling and photoshoots and I can tell you, it were long days.
But the funny thing is, if you don’t see your work as work a shoot from 8.00 am until 23.30 pm doesn’t seem long. Beside hard work,  we took this all very seriusly, we also had a lot of fun and did do a lot of horsing around……
With photographer Johnny Ten Have around, you never get bored ! 🙂

Styling was done by Nadine Stephan, who is a model to and will help out incase a model can’t make it. It turned out that on both days she had to jump in as a model. And she is a very good model to.
Nadine did part of the make-up (on Saturday ) for some models, because I had the  shoot in Culemborg that morning.
Nadine is just multifunctional!

Nicole was so sweet to arrange a Hotel for me, to spent the night , cause the location and my place are not really right around the corner……
The next mornig, when I walked in the salon at 9.00 am, the first models were already in hairstyling.
Can’t remember, exatctly, what time it was a wrap, but I was home around 21.00/ 21.30 , I believe!
Two thumbs up for this TOP team!

Thanks guys….it was fun working with you.

coiffure award shoot 2016 Klazienaveen Salon 23
Here the group selfie John ny made from this super team, who worked really hard to get great results!


So a huge toy, toy toy, for Salon 23 from Kazinaveen the Netherlands!


I think you are all up to date again and I hope to see you next month when my new blog is online.

Beauti Quate


Met vriendeloijke groet, Carla Stroijckens (makeup4u)