Al weer een jaar voorbij (December2015)

I can’t believe this year  is almost over, time flyes when you are having fun.

I do have quite a lot of pictures that I can post in this blog and I will go over most of the highlights sinds my last blog.
As you can understand, I can’t show pictures or go over much detail for every photoshoot that I do hair and/or make-up for.
Sometimes it is for someone private or for a company that probalbly  don’t want me to post or show anything on Facebook or write about it in my blog.
Not that they ,always, tell or ask me but, out of respect, I just don’t!

So let’s continue where I left of in my previus blog and go over what happend the rest of the month October until the 1st of December 2015.

In October I went to the official release of the  fragrances of House of Byfield. Before the release there was, of course, a photoshoot.
Some of my readers are on Facebook and have seen the pictures, but for those who are not…. here they are!

HE and She HOB fotografe Nadja Geskus                                  He and She fragrence House of Byfield 2015 fotografe Nadja Geskus

This month I had an other photoshoot at the office of CNV labor union in Utrecht ( Netherlands). The firts shoot I had at that office, was last year. They contacted me again for some more shoots. This one of the wexceptions that I don’t post any pictures! The personfor this shoot was one of the chairman of this company and I respect his privacy.

The month of November

This month I had several nice photoshoots and in one of them I took care of the hair and make-up of three female singers.
They are registered at a talend agency (Blue Luna artiestenbureau, Breukelen). To promote the three singers -on theire website- they where given a new promotinal video.


pomotie video opnamens voor Blue Luna in Villa Nicola Amsterdam

The shots where taken in B&B Villa Nicola Amsterdam, Netherlands. A really beautiful location in the center of Amsterdam and the host (Werner Nijenhuis) was really nice and took very good care of us. In this link ( Villa Nicola, Amsterdam) you find more information about the location and more pictures.
Villa Nicola, Amsterdam
This month I have received some really nice pictures of a bride that I helpt, with hair and make-up , to make her wedding day a memorable day!

She wrote that she felt like a princess that day!  If you get and read a compliment like this, you know you did  a good job. Anne was so kind to give me permission to use the pictures in my blog.
I made two collages from the pictures that she send me and I promised her that I would let her now when I post  them in my blog.
Thanks Anne for letting me use these wonderfull pictures and that I had the privelige to help you be that princess on your wedding day!

PicMonkey Collage Anne Oosterbaan   Pic Collage Anne Oosterbaan

That a make-up artist has to be felxible proves the next little story I experrienced several weeks ago…

For almost 20 years now, I teach groupsfitness classes in a gym . Thursday ( November the 5th) was no exeption. I had to teach a class from 9.00 until 10.00.
When I’m done with my class, and all the members have left the aerobic room, the first thing I do is check my phone to see if some called, and this is seen from a busines aspect.
Someone called and it was a , for me, a unknown number.  But I did see that the area code was was from nearby where I live.
I returned the call and it  was a photographer that was in need of a make-up artist a.s.a.p.  !
I called the photographer little afther 10.00 and he needed a MUA at 11.00 for a client of his.
To make a long story short.
I was at the photostudio at 11.00 and yes I had to go home first, take a well needed shower, change my outfit and get all my make-up stuff that I usually bring with me, for a shoot, and drive to the studio of the photograper….

The lady that was there for the shoot , turned out to be  a artits that lives in my home town.Here name is  Jakie Sleper (Jakie Sleper, contaporary artist).

Once every two years she would like to have new pictures. She needs them for all kind of publication purposes and for here own website.
I don’t have any behind the scenes pictures, what I very often take. The shoot with photographer Rene Gonkel photography and Jakie Sleper was so much fun that I totally forgot to take one or two!
I took a look on her website, to see if the new pictures are ther yet , but unfortunally  not yet.

This month I had a request for a company in the Hague, where I’ve been many times before with a photographer Roelof Pot for photoshoots for their website.
This time it was for a video recording (pilot) for within their company. If it turns out to be a great succes they will do this more often and probably turn this in to a live stream, that only can be seen by their own employees and on a closed chanel.
They build a small studio, in the restaurant from the office, with 4 camera’s, a cameramen for each camera. Studiolights, live music music etc.. It really looked like a official television studio.

opnames 3.0. MN den Haag


Once every 3 months I have a photohoot with photographer Janita Sassen design & photography for the Soroptimist magazine. And this month we did the last shoot for this year.
It is always fun to do and this shoot was no exeption. I really never had a shoot that I didn’t like.
If you like what you do and are able to make beautiful people even more beautifull and every one is exited and happy when you did their hair and make-up than, I think, you have one of the best jobs in the world…..
Petra de Boer

The very first shoot I did with Janita, and for this magazin, was in 2009. With on the cover Rachel Ann Morgan. She is a harpist and singer
1e Soroptimist shoot 2009 Cover foto van Rachel Ann Morgan , Harpiste en zangeres
During the shoot Rachel Ann gave us a little performance, so the pictures would look as natural as possible.
Rachel Ann told us that she  found it very diffucult to pose and asked if she could do it this way. While she was playing I got goosbumps al over my arms, so beautiful was her playing and singing.

November the 20th I got a hairstyling assignment  in a shopping mall for a event that they had organized for all the shopper in Den Bosch.
Unfortunately I had no time to take any pictures, cause it was so busy. I went online to see if I could find some, but no luck so far.
I can show the announcement, but if I get or find some pictures I will post them in an later blog.

latenightshopping in winkel centrum Arena den Bosch

Late night shopping!

Op vrijdagavond 20 november is het Late night shopping in Den Bosch!
Ook in de Arena is er natuurlijk van alles te beleven….

 Friday evening (November the 27th) I went over to a company party for their 10th anniversary .
The company had organized a really nice party for all of their staff. There was lots of nice and fun stuff to do for them was that the ladys could go over to the make-up corner to get a mak-up touch-up or a party make-up.
I was there with makeup artist Gytha and we where there in name of

I had brought a lot of glitter make-up with me, so I could turn the touch-up also in a real party make-up.
All of the ladys that did dtop by our mak-up corner where very enthusiastic  that their company this all this for them. Ofcourse we where not the only ones to entertain the crowd, but this was something special for the ladys.
Gytha and I had the opportunity tp stop by the buffet, but it was busy at our corner and we haqd a lot of fun doing this, so we skiped it and just kept going.
We only had to work from 17.oo u ntil 21.00, so we did not mind and we had a extra bite to eat before we left home.
But whene one of the waitresses stoped by to serve the partygoers some Ben & jerry ice creame, I couldn’t resist 😉

Rijtuigenloods Amersfoort 2015 Just before the party started I had some time to take two pictures from the lacation.

International publications


In the month of November I had several photoshoots for House of Byfield. House of Byfiled had a few international publications.  Now that They are official and on line, I can post several pictures of the shoots in my blog.

obscurea mag. 2015 ...Modellen Edmon Steen& Charelle van Dalm. Fotografe Heike SureFotoshoot met Heike Sure Titel Gar du Nord""Fotoshoot met Heike Sure, Edmond Steens en Charelle van DalmFotoshoot met modellen Edmond Steens,& Charelle van dalm. Fotografe Heike Sure Gar du nord


Photoshoot with Photographer Heike Sure and Models Charelle van Dalm & Edmond Steens

Hair and make-up style (and de dress from Charelle) where used on the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015

publ. Glance Hollywood magaz. 2015 ontwerpster Kristine Mkrtchian
Publication Glance Hollywood Magazine Glance

Designer: Kirtsten Mkrtchian ( AJNEMRA), Arnhem.
Model: Nadine Stephan. Photographer: Johnny Ten Have.


Pubication: Le Fil Dór magazine

Photography: Marc Lambrechts
Makeup: makeup4u & Wendy Lambrechts (#visalicious)
Models: Queenie Constansia, Medlon Dos Santos , Thomas Toonen, Ras Camararo
Location: Waalhall Centrum, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

internationale publicatie Le Fil DÓre magazine 2015                              internationale publicatie Le Fil DÓre magazine .

internationale publicatie Le Fil DÓr magazine 2015  internationale publicatie shoot Le Fil DÓr Magazine  Internationale publicatie Le Fil DÓr ....
waalhalla 2015                                    publicatie Le Fil DÓr.....

The whole team who made this shoot possible…
Thanks guys, it was a wonderfull shoot with great results!

Waalhalla Cenrtum Nijmegen 2015

This turned out to be a pretty long blog, but I think I coverd everything up to the 1st of December.

I’m not sure,yet, if this will be the last blog for this year, but a lot of good, interesting and wonderfull things crossed  my path this year. So overal it was a pretty good year for me.



Until my next blog!